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Friday, November 22, 2013

art journaling friday - november 22, 2013

 my art journaling habit has really been suffering. i've been putting all of my extra time and energy into prepping for my quilt guild's christmas bazaar and until this a.m. have really been unable to focus on much else. it's interesting how much i miss it and how much less creative i feel in general when i'm not art journaling.  i hope to be putting myself back on track with this habit now that many of my other obligations have been fulfilled.
this is the second page of my two page fall themed spread. i was originally going to add more to it but it's been so long since i looked at it that i've forgotten just what i had in mind . . . so after adding the tag to my little sack (created from a tea bag~!) of self harvested hollyhock seeds i decided that i was going to call it good enough for now. i may do more on it later.
i continue using lightweight cardboard for the pages as i find that it holds up well to all of the wet media and glue and, best of all, is free.
some of the supplies/techniques that i have used for this page are:
  • a used tea bag
  • self harvested hollyhock seeds
  • a piece of red perle cotton thread
  • acrylic paint
  • dyelusions ink spray
  • a beat up re-used tiny price tag
  • newspaper
  • found hollyhock image (from a seed catalog) 
  • bee and tiny leaf stamp & stamp ink
  • collected leafy stems from my favorite tree within the garden
  • stencil created from a box of Barilla pasta
  • bits of twine
  • micron pens
  • lots of glue
tiny double sided tag art
side 1

tiny double sided tag art
side 2


LOVE this extra bit of texture that i accidentally achieved on this part of the page~!
i think i'll be prepping pages with backgrounds for the next little while as it's a fairly mindless art journaling activity to do while getting through the holidays.

Art Journal Every Dayi'll be linking up with Art Journal Every Day at Balzer Designs today. 
in addition there are many other art journalers linking up with her and sharing their own art journaling.
Julie is sharing her newly carved number stamps today. seeing them makes me want to carve a stamp or two of my own again.
inspiration abounds~!~


recent gifts include:
  • a beautifully extended fall season
  • that satisfying feeling i get when i can cross long term goals off of a list
  • using up more of my scrap fabrics while achieving those goals
  • anticipating a thanksgiving holiday with both my daughter and my mother :D  here within our home


  1. Nicely done. I love all the textures. Your hand made seed bag is great. Hope you can carve out a few minutes to do more in the near future. It's so hectic during the holidays, a bit of stress relief has to be a good idea.

  2. That is really pretty!
    I'm sure your quilt guild will appreciate your hard work.

  3. Just love all the textures and colours.

  4. I am amazed at all the things you used on your beautiful artwork!

  5. our new page looks great. I love the golden locust frond with the purple. Very pretty.
    The tea bag and tag are a sweet touch.

  6. Very nice. I love the little touch of hollyhock seeds. I am jealous...I haven't had my art supplies out for a while. But, tomorrow, well, tomorrow is another day...if I am lucky enough to have tomorrow, then I will play in the paints and papers tomorrow. Knitting can take the day off! Aloha


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