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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

today i mailed off all three small AAQI quilts. the process really is quite simple and i will be watching for when they've been posted for sale. i imagine it will be a while but having never done this before i'm really not sure.


yesterday i was out of town seeing the orthopedist. it seems i'm in need of a 'hip replacement'. the up side is that once it's done i won't be in pain anymore. the down side is it scares me. for now there are lots of insurance details to figure out as well as dates to clear on calendars and what-not. i may be less regular than ever with my posts as well as hopping around to all of the other blogs that i like to visit, but will get them in when i can. this is why i did not post my texture tuesday image. i hope to find time later in the week to work on that.

i promised to show progress of the latest AAQI quilt that i am working on so below you will see that the body of the piece now has the two 'border' pieces attached. i've cropped the photo so that the other two (raw woven edges) don't show much. i'll decide what i'm going to do with them later on.
next i will be cutting a pear shape (from the hand dyed fabric that i posted shots of recently)  and then i am looking forward to beginning the embellishment and appliqueing of it. i have no plan and will just stitch what feels 'right' as i go along.

toady's gifts have included:
  • getting my AAQI package mailed
  • taking some time to think
  • being able to relax (a little) about some of the goals i haven't met


    1. Lovely little quilt for a good cause.

      Hope your scheduled surgery goes smoothly and the recovery quickly.

    2. doesn't it feel god to cross something off the list? I love your 2 quilt pieces,especially the woven piece -
      sorry to hear about your hip, but I'm sure you will feel so much better when its over.

    3. My Bill has had hip replacement surgery. It's a quick recovery. You'll be fine and I'll be praying for you, Libby Q. Love that purple photo and of course, your quilty goodness! (BIG HUG!)

    4. Libby, I am so sorry to hear about your surgery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your Pear quilt is going to be a real work of art!

    5. I love the softness of this last piece - maybe you can sink into that softness as you heal

    6. Sometimes it does take awhile to get the AAQI quilt somewhere. I've had one on there awhile "waiting for assignment".
      Bummer about your hip, but I am always amazed at how quick recovery can be from such a big surgery.

    7. thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishes.

      Juliann, LOVE the way that you put that . . . and maybe i should look at my needlework/artwork as a healing balm. i think it will be at least a few weeks before the surgery and maybe more depending on insurance issues so i may have the pear piece done by then but i'm sure there will be some other 'softness' to 'sink into'.


    8. Your quilts are beautiful !! You'll be a new woman after a hip replacement!!

    9. So Sorry to hear of your pending surgery...I can repeat what others have said, knowing someone who has endured the same, the recovery time was surprising much shorter than anticipated!! It is miraculous what doctors can do these days....keeping you in my thoughts!!!!

    10. Thinking of you!! I've heard so many recovery quickly, I'm sure you will too.
      Love your little quilts and please let me know when they go up. Take care!

    11. Surgery! Not fun. Sorry you need it, but I hear they can do wonders nowadays with hip replacements.
      Love your AAQI quilts and your floral photos. The yellow finches are already all over my fading black-eyed susans. Seems a bit early, but I keep saying that this year.
      Take care.

    12. My father in law had one done last year and has not looked back, really, take care


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