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Friday, April 15, 2011

Amish Inspirations Fragment Quilt

i'm happy to announce that my Amish Inspirations Fragment Quilt is finished~!!~
(except for the label). i WILL get that done within the next few days.
i made this one as part of a collaborative experiment with Lori from Humble Quilts. She discovered a beautiful antique Amish quilt that happened to whisper sweet nothings into both of our ears. she shared a pattern for the center (medallion part) inspired by the blocks within that quilt. i hand dyed some fabrics that were similar and we were off.
be sure to take a look at the photos of  Lori's beautiful piece too. she has hand quilted hers beautifully using a black thread which was a traditional choice for many Amish women.

i also used inspiration directly from the book called Amish - Inspired Quilts by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins of Piece O' Cake fame. i've been wanting to make one of the fragment style quilts discussed within that book for quite some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

it's final measurements are 22.25 x 26.75 inches. i happened to have a piece of fabric that was a red on orange toile print that i thought worked well for the backing and had just enough of the orange hand dyed to make a binding. this small quilt has taken me a while to finish but i am very happy with it.

i hand quilted mine as well using a variegated thread in rich copper to gold colors. one of my loves is hand quilting. i love to do it. i love to see it. i love the way i feel after i've spent the quiet time it takes putting in the stitches. it's all good~!

if you enjoy hand quilting as much as i do you should visit Janet at Mrs. Sew n' Sew. she has recently posted a white on white piece that is wonderful~!
Barbara from The Sanguine Stitcher has many wonderful skills and hand quilting is definitely among them. see this cute prim heart place mat full of her wonderful stitches.

btw, if you know of some beautiful blogs that feature a love for hand quilting please feel free to share with me.


  1. Oh my! It is lovely in every way! I wanted to put a few more stitches in mine and get a label made and after seeing yours I will do that this weekend. Your quilting is fabulous as is the wonderful feather applique!! Wow!!

  2. Hi sweet Libby Q!
    WHAT a feast for the eyes! I love the color combo and the precision of the stitching.

  3. Beautiful Quilt!!! Your applique is exquisite!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.Gorgeous work,so talented you are my Dear

  5. Really enjoy seeing your finished quilt. I love hand quilting too, and need to do more of it so I can get better at it. Machine quilting just doesn't have the same tactile look and feel to it, but I understand the need for a finish.

  6. Your Amish inspired quilt is beautiful and creative. I had saved a picture of the original quilt and purchased some fabric to do something with the same block you all started with. No start yet, though.

  7. Very unique and quite stunning! Your stitching is beautiful. I agree with your description of hand quilting. Do you piece by hand, too?

  8. Came over from Humble Quilts. This piece is wonderful!!! Is the applique one piece or is there a vine and leaves all from the same fabric? Great job.


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