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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

research or dictionary mania ~!?!~
consider this an explanation of sorts as to why it takes me so long to complete anything.

sometimes i like to read through dictionaries. especially old dictionaries. i'm not sure why but i find it both fascinating and comforting to sit and quietly peruse the thin crispy pages. i have a small collection of them and am always on the hunt for more. this morning i settled in with a 1946 edition of "The New Century Dictionary"; volume one (A - pocket veto)

i actually had a goal when i started but then the spell was cast and i found myself wandering from definition to picture to definition . . . pages turned . . .
time passed . . .
eventually i felt compelled to get the camera out and collect a few of the images that might be useful in my "feathers and fins" theme. ah yes, back to the goal . . .

this is definitely a fish with a beak . . . 

it's interesting how similar feathers and fins are . . . 

what a show-off~!~

then i began to notice how similar many leaves are to feathers and/or fins . . .

and even insect wings looked like they belonged somehow . . . 

i was absolutely fascinated~!!~

hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm . . .

i did get a little distracted at times . . .

but eventually got back around to the inspiration of "feathers and fins".

my head is full of ideas and directions to go now and my spirit strangely calmed by the act of wandering through old print and hand drawn images.

however, i must get back to the daily stuff of life and set this all aside to simmer a bit within my head . . .

inspiration is like that for me. i'm Alice down the rabbit hole for quite a while before it all perks back up into some usable fodder: (fod' er), n. Food for cattle, horses, etc., esp such food as . . . oops, sorry.

what is the creative process like for you? share with me your process (or one of) that you use to slip into that wandering, wondering, pondering pool that then enables you to swim happily to your own strange island of imagination.

our creative processes are as unique as what is actually created i think.

while you think about it i've got to get to the dishes and laundry.
darn it~!


  1. I like that you give yourself time to think and be creative.
    I'm not sure I give myself time to wonder, wander or ponder....

  2. Inspiration...hm-m-m! I think I am most inspired by challenge...be it outside forces or inner musings. I am a great thinker of "What if..." I do not like to "redo" a project even if I know I could do it "better" next time. I do like working in a series though which I guess could kind of be a "do over" because each additional one is related to the first! My process usually evolves from the thought, then the sketch, maybe some research on the thought subject, then the materials choices...fabric, paint, dye, etc.. My research usually doesn't involve others' works as I don't want to be too influenced by others' ideas....I like to think I am Original!!! But then, if I see something similar to mine after I have done it and I, in my own mind, can claim originality if I didn't see it before I created my work. Okay, now I am rambling!! I do have several sketchbooks for starter ideas...I do belong to a group of creative souls and we frequently challenge each other. I do like to try anything and everything once...I do procrastinate though and sometimes a great deal of time passes before I actually accomplish anything productive and I am a very SLOW worker!!
    Oh, Libby....you have set my mind to overload!!! Thank you....I don't know if I have ever verbally expressed my inspiration/process.

  3. I love the little illustrations. What a smart thing to collect - dictionaries!
    My creative process requires a lot of thinking time, quiet time, and solitude.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed our trip through the old dictionaries~~such great old graphics! I'm really not 'creative.' I do a lot of copying of others creativity, e.g. patterns, pictures of old quilts, etc. Maybe someday I will come up with something original.

  5. I enjoyed your quiet moments with you.I too get caught up into old dictionaries and you did get me thinking too.I'm still pondering.

  6. What a great idea and such delicate drawings. You could use them as a starting point.

  7. I love it! Me too!
    I have a drawer of things like this. One day when my daughter was in 4th grade I pulled a science book out of the dumpster. The specimen pages were great. She was mortified!

  8. Fascinating Libby - I love dictionaries too, especially adjectives. Lesley x

  9. Old dictionaries are more interesting that new ones. They have the lovely text, the old style illustrations, and the draw of having been held and used by others before.

    I have a few that I've picked up here and there, although aside from one or two, I occasionally use pieces of them in my art work.


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