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Saturday, November 7, 2009

my "carrot" quilt is finished~!!~ (except for the label) and i'm delighted with the way that it turned out. it measures roughly 19" x 24". it's a bit wobbly: the edges aren't straight and it isn't square. i wanted to honor the previous work done on it by not altering it much. i found a bit of feedsack within my collection that happened to be just the right size to work as the backing and i used a reproduction 30's print that i liked for the binding. it's hand quilted by me in a fan design which i felt was in keeping with it's age.

i am now considering possibilities for my next "carrot" quilt. i bought a group of nine patch and snowball antique quilt blocks from an e-bay seller several years ago. these blocks measure roughly six inches square and are hand sewn. the individual squares in the nine patch part of the block measuring a mere one inch after being sewn.

there are quite a few and the blocks were made of many fabrics (apparently scraps). a few of them were not quite as scrappy as the rest and used old indigo fabrics. these happened to be my favorites and so i've culled them out and am now pushing around the many options open to me. there aren't a lot of them but i should be able to create a doll quilt (maybe even two) from them.

i know that i will continue to hand sew them into their finished quilt as, once again, i see it as a way of honoring the previous makers work as i add my own and i know that i will hand quilt it but the rest is still a mystery to be worked out . . .

i would like to add some gratitudes to this post. i am so very grateful that my eyes and hands continue to cooperate with me in my wish to create and finish these wonderful pieces from the past. and i am grateful that there are others who inspire me with the work that they do in the antique/vintage/traditional style of quilting that i love so much. one that i would like to specifically mention is: Diane of www.persnicketyquilts.blogspot.com/ . Diane's blog is chocked full of both small and large quilt wonders. i love going there and often treat her blog as a gallery. in other words i just go and stare at the quilts until my eyes hurt~!~lol
i highly recommend it as one of those blogs that requires a cup (or two) of warm tea . . .


  1. Your little quilts are very pretty. I like the hand sewn elements to them. It does add a vintage look to them. I would love to know why they are called "carrot" quilts. I've never heard of it before

    Carolyn ♥

  2. hi Carolyn~!~and thank you.
    in my October 30th post i explained what the "carrot" quilts are about.


  3. Sewing is not one of the things I do best so leave it to other people to create with fabric. I love this quilt though, well done.

  4. De är så lovley, ett stort verk ..... so very nice!

  5. You have done a fine job. I love the look of those old fabrics and handquilting.

  6. Love the 'carrot' quilt Libby and can see why you're delighted. The irregularity of shapes, patterns and colours add to its charm. The binding is pretty, too. BFN. Lesley

  7. Oh, Libby, how did I miss this post? Your "carrot" quilt is fabulous ~ a truly cheerful piece of needlework. You've given it new life by finishing it so that you can enjoy it everyday.

    I've been putting aside very similar fabrics for a new dolly quilt. Perhaps I'll arrange the leftovers into a sweet quilt like yours.

    I so appreciate your comment about my work and the link to my blog. More than anything else, I've hoped to inspire other quilters by sharing my work. It means so much to have made a personal connection with you and others who read my blog.


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