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Monday, August 17, 2009

fabric/mixed media postcard
i was recently flickring around within one of my contacts photostreams, jeanne-marie mellor (http://www.flickr.com/people/anotherrealm/) and she has some beautiful atc's that were made simply by using lots of various textural threads and other bits for the base with additional hand embroidery and other embellishments added . . . like frosting on cake~!~ they were so whimsical and fun that i felt inspired to do some of the same type of work myself. i posted the beginnings of this card on my previous post and now i've finished up the edges with a thin metal that has been cut to the right width and folded over and sewn on with three strands of pink floss (very much like a fabric binding would be done). this was as fun as it looked like it might be and i will definately do more projects using this free form style of creating.


  1. It's perfect! I love the contrast of the shimmer and the stitch! Good job, LibbyQ! xopp

  2. I really like the purple with the gold. It looks soo pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog and making the nice comments about my tree quilt on Flickr. It is always special to get a comment from you ; )

  3. thank you Mary~!~
    always good to see that you've visited and enjoyed yourself.
    your tree quilt is AWESOME~!!!!~



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