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Saturday, August 15, 2009

i was able to set aside a few hours today to work on stitching and it was quite nice~!~ i needed the relaxing combination of quiet and stitch therapy.
recently while in flickr i was inspired by another.realm's work with textures using threads and other bits and that is what i played around with today. i started out with a felt base and added some soft variegated yarns and then machine embroidered them randomly together.
after that i added beads and other findings as well as some hand embroidery. all of this done with not much attention paid to anything but enjoying "the moment" . . .

i ended up with this fabric postcard that is almost completed. i'm not exactly sure how i'll finish the edges but i can think about that tomorrow.

if you want to look at the work/image closer you can click on it to enlarge. it was a very relaxing choice of projects to work on and just what i needed today.
i've been pretty busy for the last few days with late summer gardening and an out of town visitor (a very good friend) whom i don't get to see nearly often enough. although i missed blogworld, i have to say that these are the things that a happy summer is made of.

a few days ago i was playing around with macro and depth of focus using a fancy silver spoon. i thought that the results were pretty to look at and hope that you think so too.

also on my camera when i downloaded it was a few shots of a coleus leaf with the morning sun shining through it. wonderful textures and colors and a bit of a glow . . . all framed up with a leaf from the begonia plant.

i seem to be a bit off track with my sunday postcard art challenge. i hope to get back to it very soon. i guess i needed a little vacation from any "art discipline" . . .


  1. wow, that spoon looks really fascinating! It would make a neat stamp for clay.

  2. Så många fina bilder, jag har en stor Temne .....!

  3. Love your stitching, LibbyQ!!

    I'm glad the package made the trip safely! Can't wait to see what you do with the Bobs!


  4. The coleus looks like a big stage curtain and the spoon is SO pleasing. Great photographs, LibbyQ!
    Isn't it absolute loveliness to go into our "creative zone"? I don't find it all that often but it sounds as if you did! I think it happens miraculously and by sheer chance - but we have to be ready and not bogged down by "to dos" so we can catch the wave.

  5. The coleus leaf is lovely, illuminated by sunlight as it is, and so is your latest fabric postcard - there's so much of interest contained within it. Best wishes. Lesley

  6. :)
    so happy to see so many visitors and comments on this post~thank you all very much~!!~

    Tricia; i've never thought of using it in that way but now that you mention it, i may have to explore that idea . . .

    ewa-christine; i'm not able to translate your comment but knowing you it's very kind and i love that you visit my blog as i'm such an admirer of your work~!!~

    Eileen; yes, i'm excited to see what comes of them too~!~

    Pom Pom; i have been missing that "creative zone" for the last few days and did enjoy "catching the wave"~!!!~ i agree we have to be ready as artists to let the little things go and just relax into receiving whatever creative ideas our muses may have for us.

    Lesley; thank you for your continued visits and support. i'm flattered that you enjoy my photography and stitchwork as i am a big fan of your wonderful paintings~!!~



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