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i am a creative person. mother to a daughter who is an active young woman and a constant blessing in my life. i hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you will return often.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

one can never have too many of these sweet things in the garden. ;-)
i've been nose deep in the garden for several weeks now just like the ladybug above. she may have been getting a drink from the dew drippy dill but i've been planting, weeding, creating path, etc .  . .   
 not much stitching getting done but who can blame me with all of these gorgeous sights just a few steps away?!?
soon enough it will be cold and the snow will be falling and then i'll have more time to stitch as well as show off  just how few stitches are currently making it into any projects.

in the meantime  there seems to be little time or patience for cropping out pesty flys or creating the perfect image ratio's. all of these shots are straight out of the camera so forgive the imperfections of the photography and my lack of stitch surprises and just enjoy the beauty of my garden please.
 this little green grasshopper seems much too pretty to be very damaging and so tiny . . .
i do think it may be getting bigger by nibbling on the leaves of my johnny jump-ups though . . .
my life and heart are FULL of garden gratitudes and i hope that yours are too.

Friday, July 4, 2014