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Sunday, July 21, 2013

a juicy slice of watermelon for Slow Sunday Stitching

the community fireworks display just about goes off in our front yard which is very convenient for us and beautiful to see but some of the people who view it don't remember to take all of their trash home with them when they leave. the morning after the event the wonderful daughter, grand-dog suki and i went out and did some neighborhood cleanup with the intent of keeping an eye out for bits that might work into her postcard for this month. i also had put aside some other bits of this and thats from packaging, etc.
i wanted her july card to be a memory card of the great holiday time that we shared.

it's almost finished and i'm not going to reveal the whole thing just yet but i would like to show you a stitched felt watermelon slice that i added to this card. yes, we did eat lots of watermelon on the 4th and with our recent weather being so hot i have been craving some more. besides being a traditional food for the summer holidays it always tastes so good and is so refreshing on a hot day.

this is my offering for Slow Sunday Stitching. it's a macro shot and this tiny stitched bit is actually only about an inch and a quarter from edge to edge and three quarters of an inch from top to bottom so you are really seeing some up close detail in this shot. i stitched a seed for each person that was here for the holiday including one for grand-dog suki. it was fun to make and i hope that it makes you smile and reach for a slice of this fun summer time treat.
if watermelon isn't your idea of cool summer goodness, share in the comments what makes you feel refreshed on a hot day.

for some more slow stitch eye candy join in over at  Kathy's Quilting for this weeks Slow Sunday Stitching event.

while i'm on the subject of wonderful daughter's postcards i will also show you the completed june card.

if it seems familiar that is because she really liked one that i made recently for her uncles birthday. i decided to make another one that used some of the same elements within in it for her.
hers  has a bit of embroidery worked in as well as a stitched edge treatment. mostly paper but some paint and brads found their way in along with some stamp art.
that crane cut-out comes from the Audubon Society. i love getting their magazine and this crane shows up a lot on their solicitations.   companies spend a lot on advertising and sometimes it's really beautiful so i hoard it away (oh yes, i do have those tendencies) for future projects.

some recent gifts include:
~ice water. LOTS of ice water.
~communicating with my mom on a nearly daily basis
~a frilly pink hollyhock debuting in my garden
~bunches and bunches of daisy's and black eyed susan's in a riot of summer bloom
~enough energy to make a little bit of daily progress on a path project within the garden that i have been thinking about for a long time


  1. Yummy watermelon... looks so realistic my mouth is watering!
    Thanks for linking up

  2. I love your tiny watermelon! Makes me want some...right now!
    The hollyhock is lovely, wishing the deer hadn't eaten mine to stubble.

  3. Love the slow stitching and your garden sounds beautiful

  4. Green is so appropriate for a June postcard - love the inclusion of the paint strip. The watermelon is awesome! I had a few bites of that treat today and it really hit the spot.

  5. Hi LIbby Q!
    Your tiny watermelon slice is pretty! I saw a yellow hollyhock in Amsterdam today.

  6. Your little watermelon slice is so sweet! the beads are perfect for the seeds.
    I hope you'll share your garden path.
    The June post card is lovely! I like the stitching on the edge.
    I adore hollyhocks - so pretty

  7. What a great way to turn a not so great situation into a good one .... Reusing some of what they leave behind.
    As always your projects are lovely, as are your photographs and flowers.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Your garden sounds lovely right now Libby. Great watermelon!! x

  9. Very tiny watermellon, very cute too. Love the June postcard, it is very different.


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