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Monday, June 24, 2013

orchids and postcards

this is a shot that i took of the orchids five or six weeks ago. due to the long term staying power of their flowers, i'm still enjoying them and they look even more beautiful than depicted within this photo as the buds that you can see on the second stem have completely flowered out now. in addition, there is a companion orchid planted in with this one and it also has a stalk of opening blooms; slightly different but equally sensational. i will try to get another shot of them very soon so that i can share these plant's ongoing beauty with you. i'm very pleased with their "performance" this year~!

i realize that "take time to smell the roses" is such a clichĂ© but i do notice that when i really take the time to enjoy a flower i feel so much wonder at not only that particular flower but with the natural world in general. feeling that "awe" puts so many things into perspective for me.
i hope that there has been lots of floral beauty (and wonder) being enjoyed in your lives as well.

besides the flowers from the orchids which i grow in the house, i've been outside doing some summer gardening. i hope to resume with my habit of photography soon so that i can share that with you as well.
ongoing computer issues and fussy computer to camera connections/communications have been discouraging me for a few weeks but i hope that will no longer be a problem. 
anyway, in the off chance that there is anyone out there still interested i thought i'd do a quick update on a little of what has been going on since the last post.
i never did get the april fabric postcard that i made for my daughter posted and so i'll start with that.

the background is another remnant of that same hand embroidered dish towel that i used within my MIL's birthday card (shown in my last post). i appliqued some three dimensional flowers and leaves and then added a small metal butterfly . . . then a few more embroidery stitches to bring it all together and voilĂ ~!

and the may postcard . . .

i found another towel that i did some cross stitching onto approximately 25-30 years ago and since this one had never been used as a towel (i felt it was too small) i decided to cut out the stitched bit and then added some hand dyed pink fabric as well as a small piece found in the scrap basket. i embroidered a flowering vine over the seams, a few straight stitched stems of grass under the quilts and then added three tiny gold metal dragonflies.

here it is the backside of june and i have yet to even start on this month's postcard for her . . . 
i better get to it~!!~

there is also a set of prayer flags being created and hand quilting of the small random sampler quilt is coming along.

recent gifts include:
  • enjoying the flowers as they appear within my garden as well as within the houseplant population
  • the taste of really cold sweet red grapes on a hot day
  • the cool summer morning air as i sit on my front porch and wake up to the day
  • the cool evening/nighttime breezes that blow into the bedroom as i sleep
  • being able to meet and chat with my daughter over lunch occasionally 


  1. Hi Libby
    So long since I visited and it's lovely to see the gorgeous orchid photo - really agree with your philosophy too! Lesley x

  2. So good to read your post. I have been doing some gardening too...so therapeutic. I don't have to tell you how much I enjoy seeing the postcards!

  3. So glad to see you posting! I have missed reading all about what you are doing...and your beautiful photography!!!! You say the orchids are prettier than in the picture, but I find that impossible!! they are already so beautiful...good thoughts to you!!!

  4. What a beautiful orchid. I haven't had much luck with them. I'm sure my lack of attention and patience come into play. So glad you are enjoying the natural world. On my walk today I tried to keep my focus on the birds and their music rather than the thoughts in my head. Made for a pleasant walk.
    Your daughter must look forward with great anticipation to these monthly signs of love from you. So sweet!
    We ate some yellow squash straight out of our garden for dinner last night. Yum!
    Hope your computer/camera connection problems are over. I love hearing from you!

  5. Of course I'm interested in what you are doing. When blogging and the computer take a back seat to life that is not a bad thing.
    Looks like you've been enjoying many good things. Love your postcards!!

  6. Beautiful orchids! We have some of the same variety, they are on their second blooming this season.

    Your postcards are lovely. I like the wind blown quilts, very fun.

  7. I love orchids but have none because I am afraid they will become cat foot! I love the crazy quilt postcard with the scrap of cross stitch! What a great creative idea!

  8. The orchid is really lovely and your postcards are so beautifully made, I especially like the one with laundry, wish you a lovely weekend.

  9. Beautiful orchids and post cards.
    I agree a slow visit allows one to enjoy...be it taking time to really see a flower, or embroidery or a friend!
    Enjoy your summer.


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