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Thursday, May 17, 2012

TAST week 20 ~ wrapped bullion stitch

In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.

at pintangle the stitch for week 20 with TAST is the wrapped bullion stitch.
i've used this stitch before and at one time found it very difficult to do. however, with practice and a bit of relaxation i eventually got it right. now it's one of my favorite stitches. 

it's quite versatile and you may remember that i have used it previously on the stockings as rosebuds when i did the barred chain stitch practice (week 12). 

this week i chose to use it as a simple wrapped bullion on my own stocking using three strands of a variegated silky thread (not positive of content). i did play around with wrapping it in both directions onto my needle in order to determine if it made a difference in the look of the stitch and/or the way that the thread behaved as i made the stitch.
i found there to be a definite difference in both the handling of it and the look of it. if you care to look closely at the photo you may be able to see differences in the stitches as well. i did this exercise randomly as i had no plans on taking any of it out and felt that it would probably not be detected by casual observation anyway, particularly if there was no set 'pattern' or rhythm as to how it was alternated.

i added the wrapped bullion to a previously worked part of the stocking. the red thread is a fly stitch and i placed my bullions right over the tops of the catch part of the stitch. i experimented with creating longer and shorter bullions as well as more tightly and loosely wrapped ones. on some of the stitches i also randomly 'overwrapped' (in relation to the space one chooses the stitch to fit into and how many wraps of thread around the needle are done in which to fill that space.). this 'overwrapping or excess of  loops wound onto the needle causes the stitch to bump up or curve when finished and properly in place.
you can really see the curve effect very well on the rosebuds. this is due to the contrast of one of the bullions (within each individual rosebud) being a bit shorter and straighter. the longer curvier bullion is what gives them a more realistic and graceful appearance.
i have also made rosebuds using three bullions tightly grouped, with the center bullion being the smallest and straightest.
it's very effective in creating lavender flowers as well.

there are LOTS of possibilities with this one~!
for starters, there is a very well done sampler showing what can be done with this stitch here.
HomeMadeByMe has created a beautiful stitchery using the wrapped bullion.
it can also be made in various sizes and here it's been taken to some great lengths.
All Kinds Of Needlework has created Astrakhan fur (aka Karakul fur).
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 recent gifts include:
  • 'nesting' out some of the outdoor areas for the summer.
  • making and eating the first potato salad of the season. yummmmmm~!
  • seeing the hatching of some orb spiders as they almost magically disperse into the garden. they are so beneficial~!


  1. Not only am I pondering your theme, I'm also trying to figure out what you took a photo of in this and your previous post. I think you've been very successful in making it challenging this month ; c )
    Beautiful stitches! Love the pink on the red.
    I'm fine with seeing spiders outside - it's inside I'm not so crazy about.
    Now I'm hungry for potato salad!

  2. Dear Libby,
    it is interesting to see how you add TAST stitches to the stockings. It is such fun to make new combinations and let the creativity flow. TAST has given me so much inspiration and it is a great delight to look at all the ways the participants use the stitches. Therefore I am very happy to check out the links you have added and feel very honoured that you included me!
    Happy stitching!

  3. Nice seam embroidery ! I especially like the rosebuds

  4. lovely work. thanks for sharing

  5. I like the seam with the bullion knots. It looks like they are holding the fabric in place!

  6. I have not had the idea to make this experience, but you're right. on your photo, it is visble that the point's appearance is different.
    have a nice day

  7. This one of my favorite stitches! I've never tried it but I love looking at it!
    The photo is remarkable - just beautiful.

  8. Hi Libby, how are you? So glad that you're enjoying pleasant weather. Love the photo at the top of this post - and also the 'stone' embroideries. Lesley x


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