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Thursday, February 3, 2011

i've realized that i am behind on documenting my ATC's. i completed a couple of trades before Christmas and have created a few new cards of my own as well. today i'll just catch up with the previously traded/received cards.

these two cards (Red Hill and Zombie) were created by "Anselmiina" via the flickr website. they were worked using Copic markers and my photos don't give her art the true justice it deserves. i'm thrilled to have them within my collection~!!~ Anselmiina lives and works in Finland and thanks to her i now have a lust for these interesting (and very expensive) pens.
in return i sent her the Glyph Turtles and MeMa's House/Love cards. she seemed pleased and i'm looking forward to future trades with her.

the next two cards were received from Amy Nieman of Paper & Glustix.
they were also traded via the flickr website but i'm thrilled to have since discovered her blog.
she's a mixed media/collage artist superstar and has even been published.
pretty cute ~ huh!?!
in return she received my Lost/Fish card and this one that i titled A Square Peg's Wish.

i hope to be able to document some more of the cards that i've made recently within the next few days.


  1. Oh my they are all amazing pieces of art!

  2. Thanks for sharing these with us.
    I really love studying the artistry on these small pieces -
    I really like the bird one, but they are all wonderful.

  3. Hello, sweetest Libby Q!
    I saw a book about quilted postcards at the fabric store and thought to myself, "No wonder I don't have any background knowledge about Libby Q's lovely postcards! I haven't read the book!" I'm buying it and figuring it out because you always spark my interest. Have a warm and happy day, dearest!


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