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Friday, November 5, 2010

i have been hard at work on the teddy bear bedding and my dh has been equally hard at work building the cutest little bed. the next step is painting the bed and making some linens to cover the mattress and pillow . . . the artist trading cards continue to be a highlight of my creative life and this is my newest card received. it was made by Joy/autumnsensation of (http://www.joytotheblog.blogspot.com/) it's a paper collaged card and it's slightly three dimensional. i love it~!!~and am happy to have it within my growing collection. in exchange Joy received my stitched MeMa's House/Joy card.

these next cards are ones that i made.

the Glyph Turtles is made using a metal tape on a gessoed background. i embossed the turtles and border design into the metal and then did some dye ink painting onto both the turtles and the background.

this turtle card is no longer available for trade.

the Skating Penguin card was made for a trade with another artist who also does stitched cards. i was pretty excited about the way that it turned out and it was perfectly sized until i got a little carried away with the "fluffy" edging. oooops.

i hope she doesn't mind but if she does i'm giving her the option to send it back to me . . . i might not even mind keeping this one for myself . . .
i'll be sure to post the card she's trading/sending to me (all the way from Sweden) when it arrives.


  1. I'm honored that you would post the card here on your blog - and even more so that you are happy with it!! I am SO in awe of your needlework skills!!

  2. The mattress and pillow are just so cute and your DH did a great job with the bed! It will be a popular item at the auction. And the penguin card--love it. Wish I had something to trade for it.

  3. Oh my gosh! The little bed and ticking are so cute! Your husband is as talented as you are!!

    Love the cards!!

  4. Hi Libby, what a comfortable teddy he will be! Love the attention to detail here! x

  5. I forgot how much I love little doll beds. Such cheer! Wow! Artists are all around us and their creative expressions bring such joy! Thank you, sweet friend!

  6. that little bed is the sweetest ever - the ticking is precious!


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