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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

for a good bit of the afternoon it has been snowing. heavy grey skies, cold wind and winter snow~! not a lot of accumulation (yet) but . . .
outside my window it's all golden confetti with white sprinkles.

what a great day to get out the king size quilt that i'm quilting and resume the stitching. it feels quite cozy to snuggle under it with my needle in hand and watch through the window as the winter blows in upon us from over the mountain.
the progress is slow but oh-so-comforting~!!~
it's a good day for making and eating a warm vegetable soup . . .
but i think the pepper i put in the pot has mixed feelings about the whole idea.


  1. Snow! Not something I will experience here in the desert, but something I wish I could. Just not with the cold temperatures that is required. What is the variegated thread you are using? I have never seen hand quilting thread like that.

  2. Love the colours of the hand quilting, quite cheerful. I think it's Jack-o'-lantern trapped in a pepper! LOL!!

  3. snow - oh dear!
    time to hand quilt for sure.
    that pepper is so funny - love soup on cold days.

  4. SNOW! Yikes!! Under a quilt is a great place to be!! Your quilting is fantastic!

  5. Hi darling Libby Q! Look at you go! I love the stitching. Snow. That means snow days - a teacher can hope! Happy to pop in today and check on you my warm, sweet friend!

  6. I love the smile you captured on the pepper!


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